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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Planning a trip to Europe...

My mother in law went on a Europe trip with her bestfriend about a year ago. She said that Dicky and I should really look into planning a European tour also before we even reach 40. She said that the continent has a distinct charm that can make you fall in love to the different cities within it.

I would love to go to Europe. It is in one of my dream vacations before I pass on this world. One of the cities we should not miss is ofcourse London. I checked the net for available London Accomodation. I got excited with the irresistable deals available. For example, Abcone Hotel, which is a 3-star hotel located near Kensington has a very good rate that starts from GBP 21. Within the area, a visit to the Kensington Palace is a must. The palace has been the residence of the British Royal Family since the 17th Century.

I would also love to see the London Eye, which is also known as the Millenium Wheel. It is actually an observation wheel where tourists can actually see the whole of London 135 meters above the ground. Isn't spectacular? It is also a beautiful sight to see during night time.

I'm looking forward to planning a trip like this. We will definitely make the most of our stay there. Oh, and I'm sure, the vacation wouldn't be complete without a visit to an LV store. I might get something for myself there as they said it is cheaper to get in Europe.


J said...

hi jody!

just wanna share my experience re: LV in Europe.

we were in the UK & France in 2003, and the prices are not cheaper. i had to even wait in line to get into the store, only to find out that when i convert my US$, prices are at least US$75 to a US$100.


frapr said...

hello! the LV bags are cheaper here :)... but unfortunately, i'm not into those bags. hey, let me know which model you want, i can look for it here and let you know the price so you can compare and maybe buy one for you.

Jody said...

Hi April! Talaga, you can check for me? Uwi kayo ng december diba? Hay, super tempting...Thanks for the offer.