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Friday, October 19, 2007

Tag Marathon...

Got the same tag from Mich, Apple, and Jane.

THE RULES - List of 7
each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their blog
People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well
At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.


- I love hanging out with friends. I just love to chat with friends talking about anything under the sun.

- I love the internet! It gives me a lot of information. I can stay infront of my laptop all day long.

- I love my job. Yes, even if it is stressful and very tiring, I still love what I do.

- I'm a coffee-drinker. Never misses a day without a cup or two, sometimes even three!

- I'm starting to become forgetful. Blame it with my epidural. I need memory

- Driving is my freedom, that's why I don't want to have a driver.

- A revelation, I have always been the class muse when I was in elementary and high school! I even joined beauty pageants in school! Yikes! (read as: walang maganda sa school namin! hahaha)

Now, I am tagging the next 7 in my blogging buddies...

Autumn, Cheann, Chi, Cynthia, Dang, Erika, Jacqui.

Another Tag...This time from Peachy.

First name?: Jody Ann

Like your name?: Yes

Named after anyone?: Wala lang...hehehe

Any nicknames?: Jody, Joan with my childhood friends.

Age?: 30

Birthdate? : June 1

Birth place?: Pasig

Time you were born?: 5am

Current location?: Pasig City

Height?: 5'5

Like your height?: Yes

Eye color?: Dark Brown

Contacts/glasses?: Yes for both

Hair color?: Black

Natural hair color?: Yes

BlackDye your hair often?: No

Righty or lefty?: Righty
Your favorites…

Type of music?: RnB, Ballad

Band or singer?: I'm a fan now of Elliot Yamin.

TV show?: Grey's Anatomy

Movie?: dami, basta I love light comedy or action suspense.

TV channel?: Kapamilya, ETC, Lifestyle Network, 2nd Avenue, HBO

Radio station?: RX 93.10 and 102.5

Place to be?: Hmm, we are on crossroads re this.

Thing to do?: Blog, Paid Opps and then Sleep.

Food?: Pasta and Sinigang na Baboy

Non alcoholic drink?: Iced Tea

Alcoholic drink?: Champagne or pag tomaan, which rarely lang San Mig Light

Animal?: none, don't like.

Holiday?: Christmas and New Year

Season?: Summer, I also love the beach! and December, peak ng weddings, daming bookings!

Sport? : None eh.

Place to shop?: Malls like Megamall, Podium, Shangrila, Glorietta.

Clothing brand?: Kamiseta, Bayo, Plains and Prints, Zara, Tyler.

Scent?: Cool Water, Clinique happy, and Ralph Lauren

Restaurant?: Abe for Filipino Food, Old Spaghetti House for Pasta.

Fruit?: Banana

Vegetable?: Hmmm, not fond.

Fast food restaurant?: McDonald’s, Jollibee, Wendy's

Pizza topping?: Cheese.

Ice cream flavor?: Cheese pa rin

Magazine?: Working Mom, Smart parenting, Yes, Entrepreneur, Metro

City?: Manila pa rin

Color?: pink, black and blue

Number?: 1

This or that…

Chocolate or vanilla?: chocolate

Pepsi or coke?: Coke

Hot or cold?: Cold

Black or white?: black

Dog or cat?: dog

French toast or pancakes?: french toast

French fries or onion rings?: french fries

Hamburger or hot dog?: hamburger

Pepperoni or sausage?: Sausage

Britney or Christina?: Christina

McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds

50 Cent or Eminem?: Eminem

Canada or Mexico?: Canada

Hug or kiss?: Kiss

Movies or TV?: TV

Truth or dare?: Truth!

Do you…

Shower daily?: Ofcourse!

Sing in the shower?: Sometimes.

Like to sing?: Yes..

Like to dance?: Yes

Smoke?: No

Drink?: No

Curse?: No

Talk to yourself?: always!

Believe in yourself?: Yes

Play an instrument?: No

Go to school?: Went, yes

Go to college?: Went, yes

Finished it? Yes

Have a job?: Yeah, a mom, a wife and a wedding planner

Like your job?: Yes

Want to get married?: Yes, renewal of vows with my husband.

Want to have kids?: Yes, want more, like 4?! Yikes, dami..

Get along with your parents?: Yes

Get along with your siblings?: Yes, l

Drive?: Yes

Random …

Do you think you’re trustworthy?: Yes.

Think you’re funny?: Sometimes…Ever toilet papered someones house?: nope

Gone garbage can tipping?: nope

What are your parents names?: Gonying and Tessie

Siblings names?: Joseph

Do you wash your hands frequently?: Yes.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 3x

Collect anything?: BAGS!

Ever been in love?: Yes

In love right now?: Yes!

What color pants are you wearing right now?: jeans

How does your hair look?: need rebonding! hehehe.

Ever had your heartbroken?: yeah

Ever broken the law?: yes, traffic rules

Been arrested?: No

Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: No!

When was the last time you got drunk?: College

Do you do drugs?:No

When was the last time you were high on anything?: just now, a client just bought my LV bag in Sgp...cheaper there and no stuck of the damier speedy here now.

Do you prefer the lights on or off?: Off

Would you ever get plastic surgery?: depends...hehehe

Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Briefs!

Do you like to laugh?: A lot

Ever had a bloody nose?: Yes

Have you ever caught a fish?: Nope.

What was the last thing you ate?: Pesto bread from Pandemanila.

What time do you go to bed?: 12mn-1am.

What’s your favorite color?: Pink, blue and black

Do you like to give or receive?: both

Are you obsessed with anything/any one?: Yes, I'm obssessed with bags! now, with LV!

Do you live alone?: No

Do you own a blender?: Yes

Do you like the snow?: I would want to experience it.

Ever been up a mountain?: Yes

Ever been rootin’?: Rooting for LV bags, hehehe, lol

Do you like surprises?: Yes! super love suprises and my husband is good at that!

I think most of my online friends answered this tag already so I'm not tagging anyone anymore.


I'll move on in answering another tag. This time from Jen.

List down 6 songs which take you down memory lane and take us down there with you. Then tag 4 others to do the same!

1. The Closer I get to You - This is our "theme song" ni Dicky when he was courting me...At first, we don't want to recognize the feelings but we do care for each other.

2. Love Moves in Mysterious Way - An old-time favorite. As in gasgas to all my weddings but really, I love the song.

3. King and Queen of Hearts - hehehe, prom days in high school!

4. I can't remember the title, is it Kailan by Smokey Mountain? It goes something like this-"kailan, kailan mo ba mapapansin ang aking lihim? Kahit anong gawing lambing, di mo pinapansin?!" Hahaha, this was my theme song for my crush in high school!

5. Panunumpa - my bridal march

6. Forevermore - grand entrance namin ni dicky sa reception sang by the band.

Now, I'm tagging the last 4 in my blogging buddies...

Yvetchie, Yen, Velvet and Toni


Mich said...

thanks for taking the time out to do the tag Jody! Ako din, so forgetful these days and I also blame the epidural. hehehe! ;)