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Friday, October 12, 2007

Why am I annoying?

Tagged by Joy.

I agree this is a hard's hard to confess the truth, lol!

Here's my list...

1. As per Dicky, when we are in argument, I don't easily give up on my points. I will insist even if it is no longer objective.

2. As per Dicky again, I also seldom accept that I am at fault. In other words, I don't want to say "sorry" to him.

3. As per Dicky again, I am a back-seat driver esp to him. He hates it when I am coaching him to change lanes, make it faster, etc.

4. In line with driving, I'm also sometimes a "bad driver!." Well because my job calls me to get to my destination quickly esp if I'm on events, I keep on changing lanes, cutting shorts and horning like crazy to those slow vehicles.

5. I'm an obsessive compulsive. I want details in order and I get upset if it is not followed accordingly.

6. I'm a stress freak! Yes, even if my job calls not to be one, I'm totally annoying if I'm stressed. Though I'm also very good in hiding it esp with clients...pero, tao rin ako!

7. I'm so fickle-minded. I keep on changing on what I want.

8. It could also be because I'm so indecisive esp to shopping. It would take me hours to shop because I can't make up my mind on whatI really want.

Whooh! This is tag is hard...


Joy said...

hi jody! thanks for doing the tag kahit na it's hard. pero di ba while you're writing, dumadami pumapasok sa isip mo na annoying traits LOL.