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Friday, October 26, 2007


It was our first Parent-Teacher Conference this morning since Margaux just started school last September. We were anxious on what Teacher Cecilia would tell us about our little girl. We were eventually happy about the result of her "report card!"

Excerpt from her "typical day report." Mind you, just excerpt ha...haba ng report! How "tyaga" her teacher!

Margaux always comes to school with her MommyJody. Often, she comes with a big
smile on her face and readily greets everyone with "hi" or "hello."

At the playground, she uses different equipment. She usually begins with riding a
bike. She asks for help from her teachers to push her around the area while she
tries to pedal. After riding the bike, she runs towards the slide and swing set.
She climbs the ladder, one step at a time, with teacher right behind her. When
she reaches the top, she can walk on her own towards the slide. Once seated, she
waits for the teacher to help her slide down by holding her left hand. It is often that she uses the slide a couple of times before she tries something else. Another activity that she engages in outdoors is running around the rooftop. This is something that she does with friends or teachers. She never tires from and only stops when it is time to go back to the classroom or another activity catches her interest such as shooting the ball into the hoop or playing at the house area.

At circle time, as soon as Margaux finds her name with her
family pictures on the wall, she leans on it and waits for the others to find
their names. Sometimes, she tells the teacher, "Margaux ready!" When the class
sings the "Hello Song," Margaux would often sing the class' goodbye song while
smiling, as if teasing her teacher. She sings songs and joins in finger play
activities. She also participates in activities such as filling the attendance chart with her name card, feelings chart, etc. When it is time for storytelling, Margaux comes closer towards the teacher to see the pictures better. When she sees a familiar illustration, she labels it or comments about it such as giving its color or size. When the teacher asks questions about the book or their theme in general, Margaux does not hesitate to answer.

When the teacher answers and gives the cues for prayer, Margaux gets
ready by clasping her hands together and closing her eyes; then she sings along
with full of emotion. When the prayer ends, she sits still while listening to
the clues the teacher gives as to who will wash their hands first. She always
wants to be the last, wanting to see everyone go first. If the teacher calls her
first, she refuses, shaking her head while saying, "No! Enzo first."

During Snack Time, Margaux can eat independently - using her bare hands
as well as her utensils. Lately, she lifts her juice or snack and says "same,"
whether she finds someone else who has something similar to eat or drink. When
she needs help in opening her food containers or wrappers, she say" Open
please." She can pack away by herself with minimal help from her teachers. She
can also place her placemant on top of the nearby shelf and return her lunchbox
into her cubby hole.

During Free Choice, Margaux explores the different
learning areas but often begins at the Art Area where she usually settles with
the activities prepared on the table. It is often that she would ask the teacher
to stay beside her or at least look at what she has done by calling the teacher
and saying"Come!" in addition to her hand gestures. She is very patient in
explaining what she has done. When she is done with her activity, she rarely
leaves the materials that she has used on the table. Rather, she returns them on
the shelves.

In the Dramatic Play Area, her interest is more on playing grocery toys and its items. She pretends to either be the seller or the buyer.

At the Manipulative Area, she chooses activities that involve the use of her fine motor such as filling bottles with small beads.

Finally, at the Book Area, her favorite is "How are you peeling?" She could get it on her own and she sits on the blue chair, reading through the different emotions she
observed on her own. And once she has decided to play with the cards, she would
get a chair, place it in front of the book shelf and she would start her "lesson
for the day" just like her teacher. When her peers are around, they would sit on
their names and listen to her.

When it is time for goodbye, Margaux sits through the last routine which includes singing a song or two, reading a book or reviewing the day's activities and looking at the chart which consists of the letter of the week. When she is called early, she would always say "No!" and volunteer another peer to go first. While the others are getting their letters, she is always beside the classmate, watching as the teacher draws
on the hand. When she is the only one left, she agrees and despite having
several choices, always picks the orange marker. She is able to give the label
of the first letter of her name and is now able to choose from the chart the
drawing she would like, pertaining to the letter of the week. When she sees her
mommy, she shows her hand and get ready to go home.

I'm a proud momma! I just want to share...


Peachy said...

congrats to margaux and to the proud mommy :) goodluck sa party ni bianca:)