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Friday, October 19, 2007

Christmas Shopping

It is just 67 days before christmas and its the most joyous season of all. It's a lot of gift-receiving and of course gift-giving. For the past 4 years, I have been making a list of all our families and friends including godsons and goddaughters that we have to buy gifts for. It's always a very long list. I also really make an effort to research on what is the best thing to give to them. I also keep the list every year so to make sure not to repeat any kind of gift to the same person for 4 consecutive years. But the very first people I would have to think of will be my husband and my two daughters.

Dicky has been giving me hints that his current rubber shoes are already worn out. So I'm thinking to give him a new pair from Nike. I'm sure he would love it especially that they have an upcoming basketball tournament in their office by January. As for my two daughters, I have been wanting to get them a kitchen set which they can play together. I have seen something in KB Toys that is a perfect gift for Margaux and Bianca. The kitchen set is complete with accessories like utensils, kitchenwares and even toy foods. I'm sure they will love it.

I am saving up for these gifts cause it might cause me a lot until a friend of mine introduced me to Coupon Chief. I was very happy to learn about this as it could save me a big amount of money. It is a one-stop coupon deal and discount resource online. I can even check coupons by shop or by category making it convenient for online shopper like me. I'm going to source more coupons here so I can have my money's worth.