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Thursday, October 11, 2007

On planning a trip...

Isn't it obvious that I'm so excited to plan for a trip? After getting our US Non-Immigrant Visa today and after hearing from my husband that we will definitely have a scheduled trip next year, I have started to make my research. I have found a great site on Hotel Reservations. I browsed through the site and I got excited with the valuable rates and packages they have for tourists like us. We are planning to stay longer this time so we might have to look at their available Vacation Packages that are very interesting. The site is very useful as it helps you plan for a real great travel by asking you on what kind of trips would you want. You can specify if you want just one destination or if you want to go to two cities. You can specify as well if you want to travel by car or on a flight. The checklist that they have is very helpful especially for first-time tourist in a city. I also found out that their rates are very competitive. You can even rent-a-car from them, choose to stay in a hotel or motel, and can even book your flight from the website. They also offer resorts, bed and breakfast, condo rentals and even discount club membership. Once you become their discount club member, they offer huge savings of up to 70% off in
Hotels. We have a number of destinations in mind for our trip to US next year. We are looking to go to New York, Dallas and Alabama where Dicky's brother is staying. But I also realized that I can also go to the site to book travel packages not just in US but also in other countries. They have available hotels worldwide. I would definitely save up in my favorites the Hotel Reservations website for all our future travel plans.