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Thursday, October 18, 2007

And the passports arrived...

Yes, our passports arrived last night.

We are so excited to open the packages.

I'm elated.Super thankful.

We all got 10 years multiple entry! Our visas are until October 10, 2017!

Hay, para akong nanalo sa lotto sa tuwa!


Jen said...

yayy, this is good news. go go go! :D

Jane said...

congrats girl!!!! i'll be elated too if mabigyan kami ng 10yrs multiple noh.

so when ang us trip???

Mich said...

wow 10 years!! galing! congrats Jody! :)

Jean Marie said...

WoW! Congrats! i envy you...hay, mapapatay ko yata yung consul na nag interview sakin eh. LOL.