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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Revised Wish List...with wish lists of Margaux and Bianca...

Blogger Mommies...i revised a bit my order of preference:

1. 2 Very Sassy and Chic Notebook by Rina Albert (medium size, available at powerbooks or wrap shop--> please choose a nice cover design like with shoes and clothes)

2. Parker ballpen (yung pasok lang sa budget ha, prefer gold and silver; if puede may name ko? hehehe---> Jody Liwanag; nawala kasi recently my parker ballpen eh)

3. Brush holder kit that can hold about 4-5 makeup brushes (available in Beauty Bar)

4. Nice Photo Album that can hold 4Rs (classic design; one-color cover, preferably black)

5. Picture Frame (matt silver; good for 8R)

Margaux's Wish List

1. Pajama Set

2. Dora the Explorer Panties or any nice design of panties; danty design please.

3. Nice cushioned house slippers (preferably pink) Size: Estimate na lang, basta good for 2 years old.

4. Dora the Explorer Towel Set

Bianca's Wish List

1. Pajama Set

2. Soft books

3. Toothbrush from either Chicco, Safety First or The First Years

4. Pulling toys (like pulling caterpillar or duck-->appropriate for walkers)