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Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Zealand Properties

My very good friend M, together with her two daughters are leaving on November 20 to join her husband in New Zealand. I feel sad a bit cause another friend is migrating to another country but I am also happy for them because I'm sure that they are only thinking of the future of their kids. I'm also glad that they are finally reuniting with her husband after being away from each other for about 5 months. While she's busy packing their stuff from here, her husband on the other hand is also busy preparing their new home in Auckland. He is looking for a New Zealand Property to buy near his office and would have a nearby school to send the kids as well. I came across this Property New Zealand site that has wide list of all available real estate properties, second homes, investment lands and off plan property for sale in the said country. I phoned my friend a while ago to inform her about this site that could help her husband find the suited home for their family. She said she would inform her husband about it. The site even identifies the nearby facilities available in a property being chosen. It also an intesting fact to know that investing in New Zealand is a good option because the profit in selling a property is not subject to capital gains tax. The country is a very attractive market for investment as they don't have land tax, no property purchase tax and no wealth or death duty taxes. Indeed, my friend and her family made the right decision to migrate to New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, be sure your particular off plan property can be sold on prior to completion without penalty, as this is not always the case on every development and some will not publicize this fact to property investors. You’ll be better off with your options left open so it’s advisable to avoid developments where selling on is not possible. Be aware that some developers say you can sell before completion but include a clause in the contract stating you may sell on only when they have sold all the other apartments within the development.