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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Beddings for the Kids

Bianca's birthday party is coming up and aside from the birthday party preparation, I'm also busy preparing for our rooms since the photographer will also come to the house to shoot the morning of her birthday. We need to make the rooms neat and so I'm on the lookout now for a new set of nice colored and printed beddings. I have been looking for a month now but I can't seem to find the perfect one for the kids' room cause I want it something very unique. I am even thinking of getting one that should be in line with her birthday party theme which is Disneyland. In my frustration that I cannot buy something suited for my need that is out off the shelves, I decided to research from the internet and I was suprised and got excited when I learned about Childrens Bedding online. This is the perfect one I'm looking for. What's more exciting about it is that I can even provide the pictures to use in the beddings. I just have to create an account with them, choose either one or more pictures to use for the bedspread, blankets or pillows and viola, I have already a very unique and personalized beddings for Bianca. I can use the picture of Bianca that is used for her birthday invitation and put the disney friends part of it as well in line for her birthday theme.

Aside from it, I'm also looking to order another set which includes a bedspread, a bed blanket and a pillow sham. This time, it is for Margaux's bed. I might get the butterfly theme...see for yourself, aren't they cute?

I'm sure Margaux will always look forward to lie on her bed. Such a nice design! Now, I'll conceptualize what I'll get for Bianca.