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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Blogging has been part of my daily life already since i started about two years ago. It has been my way of journaling my activities, the updates about my family and even just scribbling all my emotions. I never realized that I can blog for money. It was my online friend who introduced me to the world of blog advertising. I searched the net and found Smorty where I can get paid for blogging. Most companies have realized that advertising in blogs can truly be effective by creating quality inbound links to their site. Smorty lets the advertiser connects to network of high quality blogs. The advertiser pays the blogger to write opinions in their blogs with links to advertiser's page. Bloggers on the other hand can choose the subjects that interest them that could be suited to their blog content. It is also a good way to broaden one's knowledge and learn about new products and services available in the market today. Now, I know that the time I spent writing contents in my blog won't get wasted because I can also get paid to blog. Why shouldn't you try it as well?


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

all the best Jody!


Jacqui said...

Hey, I so envy you... you're into PPP na! :)

Wish I could do it also..pang-bili ng LV bag but, too much work at the office. No time to check out paid opps.

Good luck! :)