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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Travelling to Canada...

My cousin Jenny called me the other day and said that their plans to get married here in Manila next year might not push through. Of course, I'm supposed to be their wedding coordinator. I was a bit sad that they decided not to have a Manila wedding, instead, they are looking to just get married in Canada. But then she is inviting our whole family to have our Holidays in Canada in time for their wedding there. So I immediately checked the internet for cheap flights available. I have learned about DialAFlight website where they have interesting holiday offers including flight to Toronto. It is the leading independent UK travel company that offers flights, hotels and all holiday vacations worldwide. The site is a good source for us if we are seriously considering to travel already to Canada. They also offer competitive rates for flight to Montreal and even flight to Vancouver. It could now be a choice between going to US or to Canada next year. Let's see.