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Friday, October 19, 2007

Question Tag...

I'm enjoying this question tag. I got another one from Jane.

what are you getting for yourself this Christmas?

I'm not sure yet, maybe another LV bag, hihihi!

Now, for my question...

What are you getting for your kids this christmas? Tell me yours mommies...Toni, Apple and Kitty.


Jane said...

thanks for answering. addict na sa LV bags ha ...LOL

btw, re the mini lin, i was about to tell you nga that yun ang usual prob nila with the mini lin, kase cloth siya so nakakatakot to get wet unlike the damier or the monogram, canvass ang material.

if ever, we'll both have the damier speedy 30 pala :) the batignolles, super love ko din. i can use it everywhere hehe. shoulder bag siya and very comfy to take around.

Paul and Toni said...

hi jody! thanks for the tag. done na! :)